About BizHighlighters

Unlock your Marketing potential with Bizhighlighters!

About BizHighlighters

Unlock your Marketing potential with Bizhighlighters!

Bizhighlighters, a subsidiary of Lighthouse group, founded in 1987 is a pioneer in comprehensive IT solutions with its 300 tech experts and enthusiastic team members. We have grown exponentially in the digital marketing sector since inception. The team has rich experience in delivering Digital Marketing Solutions that are effective and efficient. We have achieved a benchmark in a marketing firm.

With the diligent, innovative, and appropriate assistance of strategic Digital Marketing Services in India, we ensure to attain a higher scale of business with our customers. We help you increase sales through the best PPC services. Our effort lies in providing digital... Read More >>

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Digital Marketing Services and Solutions!

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Top Ranking Keywords

When you perform a search using a specific keyword, through Best SEO agency in India - Bizhighlighters, it will appear at the top of search engines. The one that is listed first is ranked higher than the one that is listed after it, and vice versa. This process is known as Keyword Ranking.

Our aim is to improve your keyword rankings on search engines. It takes time for your website to get a position on the search engines - be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. If the relevancy of keywords is exact and specific, it will take lesser time to rank. With the best digital marketing agency in India's assistance, you can enhance your online presence by keyword ranking alone.



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Digital Ads / PPC

Digital Advertising is one of the most impactful strategies for businesses to gain fresh customers, grow their reach, enhance the income flow, and generate good leads. With excellent advertising, we assist you in catering effective digital space that earns traffic and deliver apt information to the potential consumers.

Best SEO agency in India
Google Ads

With the help of Google Adwords, we assist your brand get recognized globally through keyword listings. Also by Google Indexing, we help get maximum traffic on your website. Get the best... Read More >>

Facebook / Instagram

Expand your business on social media through Facebook / Instagram Ads. Advertising on social media is one of the brilliant ways to reach the audience. These ads targets the users based on... Read More >>

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Youtube Ads

With high-quality video content, we offer Youtube marketing services that make you stand out from your competitors. Video content with high volumes of search on search engines are most... Read More >>

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is an amazing marketing tool for corporates to access their social networks through relevant sponsored posts. It allows professionals to connect online. We offer excellent and... Read More >>

Our Web Projects

Have a glance at our work!

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YouTube Marketing

Have you ever used Youtube as a marketing tool?

YouTube is an awesome promotional tool which can be used to share knowledge, movies, entertainment, enjoyment and also host videos to create trust, authority and recognition through a YouTube channel for your brand. We help target your potential customers with the exact strategy of video marketing through YouTube campaigns. Our team create videos for companies of every size, vertical, and business models. The growth marketers and video specialists create original and authoritative videos that... Read More >>

Content is the King

Give Wings to your Ideas through Content Marketing!

Textual Content

Words speak volumes. Quality and dynamic content attracts and captivates the audience's attention. It helps you to show at the top of search engines. Textual content enhances online engagement, SEO optimization... Read More >>

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Visual content

A Visual Content is easier to display than to describe. The tools that we use for creating Visual Content includes Coreldraw, Photoshop, Photopea, and Canva. Our designers role is to describe a picture ... Read More >>

Audio content

Audio Content is required in marketing Video Content. For that, we use Radio Jockey’s (RJs) to use their phonetics & sound quality to impress our end-customers. Audio marketing helps businesses to extend ... Read More >>

Video Content

With awestruck video content, your business can become a brand rapidly with our smart efforts. Video content marketing includes creating, producing, and sharing video content that generates interest within the ... Read More >>

WhatsApp Business - Marketing

Enhance your business messaging capabilities!

Whatsapp Marketing helps businesses know their true potential and grow steadily. We render all the WhatsApp services in a comprehensive way that allows easy access - both on a desktop computers and on mobile phones. One can generate tickets, send notifications, check statuses, and gather feedback using WhatsApp connection. Two different WhatsApp business accounts can be combined under a single WhatsApp API with the use of CRM integration with WhatsApp. To reach out to the potential customers by... Read More >>

Print Ads

Advertisements drive maximum leads!

We assist you in expanding your reach to potential customers through advertising. In today’s scenario, a huge amount of the audience still reads newspapers that grabs greater attention. However, a large group of people rely on online advertisements too. Still, newspaper advertisements are the excellent tool for news circulation among the non-online public. Every space and language costs the advertiser. We have a different audience for different advertisements.

Hoarding is an outdoor advertising that helps gain brand recognition. These are deployed in high-traffic areas where the routes are busy. Hoarding is a brilliant way to promote brands that is engaging and makes a lasting impression. We take efforts in making your business reach the pinnacle of success. Hoarding is the most effective approach to reach the largest target audience. You may connect with individuals of different gender, ages, and socioeconomic classes by using hoardings.

Why Choose BizHighlighters

BizHighlighters - top digital marketing company in India is the most dignified platform for all your Digital Marketing Solutions. Starting from SEO, SMO, PPC, and other social presence, we have it all covered under one roof. At BizHighlighters, we focus on quality more than quantity. This enables our customers to rely on us!

We have unmatched Online Marketing Services for clients who want to stand out from the crowd. Our experts ensure the same by completely devoting their talent to work. All our Internet Marketing Services are brandable & enhance the growth over Social Media exponentially. Our presence on Social Media is dynamic and attracts customers on a large scale!



Boost Your Business with Proven SEO Strategies!

January 01, 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to improve its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher a website appears in SERPs, the more likely it is to be visited by users. One of the most important elements of SEO is keyword research. ...Read More


Strategies for Successful Social Media Optimization!

January 06, 2023

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the way of increasing the visibility and reach of a website or brand on social media platforms. By utilizing various strategies and techniques, businesses can improve their online presence and reach a wider audience. ... Read More


A deep dive into the world of Language Generation!

January 10, 2023

Are you still struggling to write compelling content that drives traffic to your website? Stop worrying. With ChatGPT in trend today, all your Content and SEO-related issues will get addressed. GPT is an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. ... Read More

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